Husband / Wife To Be Message Scroll

Husband Wife to be wedding poem scroll

Poem Scroll

I would like to show “my husband to be / wife to be  poem scrolls”. These are a little bit different from a standard card.

Poem scrolls – make a lovely gift.

Send a special message or poem of your choice to your partner on the morning of your special day.

The boxes come in white or ivory they can be trimmed in any colour scheme and  variety of designs. Personalised on the lid with name and message of your choice. I also make wedding poem scrolls to send a message to the bride & groom on their wedding day.

Personalised poem scroll

These are so popular with grooms at the moment. Lovely to know we have so many romantic men out there! I’ve had some  lovely feedback about them.

red rode poem scroll

husband to be poem scroll

Personalised Poem for my wife to be

This story did make me smile.

One Sunday afternoon in February 2011 I had a call from a groom. It was six days before his wedding! He’d seen the scrolls advertised in the media. I was making Valentine Scrolls to raise money for The Blue Lamp Foundation Charity. He asked if I could make the wife to be poem instead. He wanted something a little different for his bride to be. I said yes, as long as I could raise the money, I would make any type of scroll.

There wasn’t much time to get it proofed, made and posted. He chose the colours and design, he sent me a lovely poem and message. I made it and had it sent to his parents house. He mailed to say it had arrived quickly and was really pleased. His words, “she’ll love it”.

A couple of weeks later I had a call from a lady. She asked me if I’d made poem scroll for her? As I had made some anonymous valentine scrolls I didn’t really want to say. I asked her to describe what she had received. As soon as she told me the colour and design,  I knew who it was.

The story goes……………..she was so touched by what he had done, she wanted it framed. She went out with her friend to buy a frame. He worked away, so it was a surprise for when he got home. She bought her frame, took the poem out of the box, went into the kitchen to get something. When she went back to get the poem, it had gone! Her dog was sitting in the corner eating it! Everything else was ok. The box and the band were intact, just the poem had been scoffed by the dog. She panicked because she didn’t know where he had bought it. Her friend by chance looked inside the lid, she saw my details (I always have my name on my products) panic over. She was able to ring me. I printed her the poem twice, one for the frame and one to go back inside the box. The poem scroll  was going inside her Wedding Keepsake Box. I told her to tell him she had rang me for another copy. He was none the wiser. I made sure it arrived before he got back. She sent me a lovely thank you. Still makes me smile when I think about it.

Husband to be poem

These wedding poem scrolls are a lovely keepsake to place in your wedding memory box.

To view more wedding poem scrolls please visit

purple butterfly wedding poem scroll

royal blue heart wife to be poem scroll


I make scrolls for many occasions.  I make scrolls for wedding readings, speeches etc. A lovley keepsake for your wedding memory box.



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