Wedding Guest Book

Megan - Wedding Guest Book

Wedding guest books are a lovely way to read the messages from your guests many years after your special day. It always lovely to read your cards, but a wedding guest book is something you can get out and read all the messages in one place.

Butterfly Wedding Guest Book

Do I need a wedding guest book?

Wedding guest books are very popular. It like having all your cards in one place. I make many guest books, but had never seen one filled with messages. A bride contacted me after her wedding. She also lived in Chester 2 mins away from me. I had made her guest book a few weeks before. She held her wedding in Formby which is approx 60 miles away. Of course her neighbours couldn’t attend. Anyway someone had knocked a piece off the guest book. She asked if I could make it as new. I collected the guest book. I asked, ‘would you mind if I read it’? she said yes, of course. I sat for over one hour reading all the lovely messages. There were funny cartoon drawings etc. You could tell near the end of the book the evening guests were a bit squiffy! It was such a lovely thing to read. I didn’t know the couple but by the time I’d finished I felt as though I did. She was telling me there were some pages empty. She was about to invite the neighbours to watch the wedding DVD. I suggested after they had watched, pass the guest book around for anyone to write a message. They were too far away to travel to the church on the day, but this was a chance to write a special thought to be read in years to come. She did and filled the book!

I make guest books for other occasions too!

I make guest books for special birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, renewal of vows. It’s a keepsake to remember a special time.

40th Birthday Guest Book

Guest books can be personalised with name and date of the occasion. These can be made in every colour your can imagine.

60th Birthday Guest Book

I can add a swing tag with the name of the venue. These books make a lovely gift for almost any special occasion. If you would like to view more designs please visit my web site  You can also join me on facebook for the latest updates.

Why have a guest book?

I once made a guest book for 2 special friends of mine. They had a joint 50th birthday party. My firend was going to be 50 in 12 months time. Her hubby had just celebrated his birthday. They wanted a party for special friends, but hated the big 50,  no cards or presents were allowed as it wasn’t an actual birthday. They sent the invitations out, 100 not out! They held the party at home, 120 guest invited on a lovely summer evening. I decided to make a guest book for them. The heading was as the invites.  I trimmed in purple. They knew nothing about it. I took it around getting people to sign it. My daughter helped too. The guest book ended up behind the buffet, under the table it was a task trying to keep it hidden. They nearly spotted it a few times. We had a some  pages to fill so we got the little people to draw pictures and sign their names. At the end of the night we presented it to them. They were delighted. She told me afterwards. It was so busy looking after people, she hardly got time to have a proper chat with people. They were overwhelmed with the kind thoughts and messages. She loved the fact that the children ranging from 5 yrs to 15 yrs had also added their little messages and drawings.

Calla Lily Wedding Guest Book

Calla Lily Wedding Guest Book

Another thought. I get asked many times, ‘How can I make sure my guests sign the book’? I always suggest, put it on the table next to your Wedding Post Box. I also find there are teenagers in a wedding with no real role. Put them in charge of your guest book. It’s a great way to make them feel important and gives them a chance to meet your guests. Believe me it works!

Burgundy Ivory Gold Butterfly

Wedding Guest Book, Post Box & Camera Box


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