Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to all my past and present couples.

Congratulations to all lucky the couples that got engaged over Christmas and New Year.

With Christmas behind us, let the planning begin.

How far are you with your wedding planning? There are lots of lovely wedding blogs out there to help you with planning your dream day. One I especially like is great blog to follow. There is so much information to help with your wedding planning.

Venue booked, you have your date, so what’s next?

I get many wedding invitation sample orders in January. What is the top colour scheme for 2013? Purple is still very popular next year so is red, aqua and gold. Often the colour scheme will change. You have vision of your big day only to find something you wanted doesn’t exist in the shade you wanted or the bridesmaids don’t look good in the intended colour. Remember you won’t get everything to match exactly as it’s not possible but you can add a contrast colour so that everything ties in with what you want.

Wedding Invitation Scrolls

When do you order your wedding stationery?

Most brides order their wedding stationery 6 – 9  months before the wedding, but it’s a good idea to start looking around before this. You may want to see a sample of the invitation in your colours. Is it available in other colour schemes? Is there a minimum order? When will I receive them?

A lot of good wedding stationers get booked up really early in the year. You may make and enquiry then go back 3 months later to find they can’t fit you in.

When I get an enquiry there are questions I need to ask.

1. Which invitation are you interested in.

2. What is your colour scheme.

3. Approx how many invitations.

4. Is it the same invitation for the evening guests.

5. When do you want to receive them.  (important)

6. Will you be wanting stationery for your wedding day i.e Seating plan, place cards, table cards etc.

With this information I can usually answer everything in one email. Remember to think carefully about when you want to receive your invitations. Many times I book a slot for a bride. a few months later I get an email to ask for them earlier, by that time, I’ve usually given the slot to another bride so it can be really difficult in busy times to move the date. When you make an enquiry try to include as much information as possible.

If you would like to make an enquiry please visit my web site where you will find a gallery of wedding invitations and much more

Purple Butterfly Wedding Invitation

When should I send out wedding invitations?

I normally suggest 4-6  months before the wedding date especially if it’s a summer wedding. A lot of your guests will be planning their summer holidays.  Your venue will want numbers about 8 weeks before the wedding so it’s a good idea to send them out early enough giving your guests time to reply. I make a lot of wedding invitations that contain an RSVP but you would be surprised how many times I can’t start a seating plan even 4 weeks before a wedding because the couple are still awaiting replies.

Wedding Invitation Scroll

Wedding Invitation Scroll

What do I need to include in the wedding invitation?

Apart from the usual wedding details some couples like to add an RSVP insert for their guest to return. It doesn’t mean your guest will reply any sooner, but it is a good idea to add an RSVP date. This should prompt your guests to send back a reply. Some couples like to add a menu choice to their wedding invitation as a  lot of venues these days want to know what meals will be chosen well before your wedding date. I have been asked for maps but to be honest most people own a sat nav so there shouldn’t be any problems, unless of course it’s a new build. As long as the postcode is on the insert everything should be fine. Always remember if you are going to pack out your invitation with all the extra inserts take them to the post office to be weighed. A lot of invitations never arrive because of insufficient postage. The Post Office will leave your guest a card to collect with an extortionate fee to pay!

There are a number of different types of wedding invitations that can provide all this extra information

Wedding scroll invitations, pocketfold style wedding invitations and cheque book style wedding invitation. These type of invitations can be made to accommodate all the extra details.



crystal flower cheque book

I have seen a wedding invitation I like, but it’s not in my colour scheme

Make an enquiry.

Most of my wedding invitations can be matched to 50 colour schemes. Just because the colour isn’t shown it doesn’t mean it’s not available. I have invitations that I have made in many colours not all are on my web site as it will slow down my pages. I’m happy to send the photos by email or even put on to my web site should someone want to see the design in their chosen colour.


I have an idea what I want but can’t find it

Make an enquiry.

Many times I get emails. A couple have an idea what they want, but can’t find it. It’s easier if you make an initial enquiry. I often ask a bride to call me to discuss their ideas. If a new colour scheme is available it doesn’t always mean everything else is. If you speak to your stationer they will know if the idea you have, will also be available for your ‘on the day stationery’ i.e wedding seating plan, place cards etc. A couple of years ago I was able to find some purple butterflies which have proved very popular, unfortunately they are not available in coral. I wish it was that simple. your stationer will be able to discuss the options that are possible.

champagne ellie1

I haven’t yet decided on a colour scheme for my wedding

No problem. A lot of brides make enquiries but the colour scheme is not yet set in stone.

Most designs can be adapted to suit your final decision. I once had a wedding order. The bride ordered my ‘Ellie’ wedding scroll in ivory and champagne. We had spoken a number of times on the telephone. She had a different scheme for the day, but no one knew, not even the groom! I knew that on the day everything was Lavender. The invitations were sent out, but the seating plan, place cards, guest book etc had a lavender rose rather than an ivory one that was on the original invitation. You don’t have to stick to the colour you originally chose for your invitations.


I may decide to have a different colour scheme on the day

This isn’t a problem. When an initial booking is made the colour scheme is usually decided for the wedding invitations. Many couples want something different for the actual day. I had a couple last year. They had champagne ivory ‘Megan’ for the invitations. It was to be the same for the day. They were quite local and decided to collect one Sunday afternoon. They had gone on a shopping spree just before they came to me. By chance the groom ran back to the car to show me their teal centrepieces.They were gorgeous, I said, ‘why don’t you have ivory and teal then for the day? They both looked at me as though I’d said, ‘I’ll pay for the whole of your wedding’ ( I didn’t by the way) I got out my teal ribbons which were a good match. They were thrilled, so was I that I’d made them so happy. That was so easy they didn’t realise they only had to ask. Wedding stationers will make anything to accommodate your ideas. Believe me I get just as excited as you, planning your table stationery.

I hope this post answers some of the questions you may have. If there is anything you would like to know, feel free to drop me an email

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Until next time Julie xx


Personalised Wedding Stationery – Black Colour Scheme

Black is such a lovely colour scheme for a wedding. It’s crisp and clean. It looks stunning especially in photographs and venue dressing.

This week I have been making wedding invitation scrolls in black and white with a red rose.

Wedding Invitations in Black and White

wedding scroll invitation

wedding scroll invitation

This scroll wedding invitation ‘Ellie’ has an ice white pearlescent scroll box and matching pearlescent paper for the insert. The scroll band consists of satin ribbons, swarovski crystals, a mulberry rose and feather. The wedding invitation design can be made in 50 different colours ways. It’s a simple but striking design.

This design and colour scheme can also be made with a black scroll box

wedding invitation scroll

wedding invitation scroll

Wedding Invitation Scrolls can sometimes work out expensive if you need  a lot of invitations.

At Carol Miller Designs we can make a card style matching invitation which is less expensive but just as pretty.

wedding invitation black and white with red rose

This card style invitation is a less expensive choice for your evening reception.

The design can be made in 50 different colour schemes.


Wedding Invitation Splendour

A beautiful personalised  tri fold wedding invitation which comes with an RSVP reply card. The base card is available in white, ivory or cream. The invitation is personalised with your name and date of the wedding.

This wedding invitation comes with its own reply card that slots into a little pocket on the inside of the card. Pearlescent hearts placed on a meandering wire, tied with a matching ribbon makes this invitation a stunning introduction to your wedding day. This design can be made to match any colour scheme. Samples are available on request


Wedding Invitation ‘Daisy’

Stylish and modern. Daisy comes in a linen effect card which is available in white or ivory. Black and white ribbons mounted with diamante daisies make this a beautiful invitation for the modern wedding. This invitation can be made in any colour scheme. Join our facebook page where you will find many different colour schemes.

Wedding Post Box and Camera Box in black and white


Wedding post box with a matching camera box. A place for your guests to deposit disposable cameras.

Wedding Favours

place setting lottery ticket wallet

These wedding favour wallets contain a lottery ticket. They double up as a place setting ad can be made to match any colour scheme.


Wedding Seating Plan, Table Cards and Table Stationery in black.


Wedding seating plan in black and white with silver butterflies




Wedding Table Names with matching Place Cards

Black and white with silver satin hearts.

black megan table acc1

Wedding table name, menu and place cards in black and cream.

ivory black megan guest book

If you would like to enquire about any of our products please visit

If you have any questions regarding colour schemes etc we’d be only too happy to help please feel free to email Julie

or alternatively call Julie on 01244 659593

Personalised Wedding Stationery – Red Theme

This week I’d like to feature some wedding stationery items in red. I have a couple of invitations booked in red for 2013. Red can come in many shades from pillar box red to a deep red scarlet.

Wedding Invitations in Red

red butterfly wedding invitation

Wedding Invitation ‘Jessica’

Butterflies are always a popular design. This wedding invitation is called Jessica. It’s a simple but a pretty design. Red organza ribbon with pearlised butterflies. The butterflies are layered some they can be made in 2 colours. The swarovski crystals give it that little bit of sparkle. The base card comes in white, ivory or cream. This invitations can be made to match any colour scheme.

There is no minimum order for invitations. If you would like to place an order or just make an enquiry please email Julie

If you would like to see more colour schemes please visit

wedding invitation scroll

Wedding Invitation Scroll ‘Ellie’

A beautiful wedding invitation scroll with a red rose and ivory box. The scroll band consists of two satin ribbons, a red rose, ivory feather finished off with 4 beautiful swarovski crystals.

The box is trimmed with a matching satin ribbon, 2 heart diamantes and a name plate with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. A real statement wedding invitation. This invitation comes in many colour schemes including red scroll boxes.

Wedding Seating Plans in Red



Wedding seating plan with red satin ribbons and gold diamante buckles.

This seating plan is printed on white pearlescent paper matted on red pearlescent card and trimmed with satin ribbons and gold diamante buckles. This seating plan design can be made to match any colour scheme.

 wedding seating plan with red hearts


Wedding Seating Plan with Red Satin Hearts

Wedding seating plan incorporating ivory pearlescent tables, ivory feathers and red satin hearts. The seating plan is trimmed with heart shaped diamantes. This design can be made to match almost any colour scheme. This my most requested design. It can be made in many colour schemes. You can mix and match, i.e red table with red hearts, or red tables with ivory hearts.

red and white double heart wedding seating plan

‘Double Hearts’

Wedding Seating Plan with red and white double hearts.

This design can be made in 50 colour schemes. Hearts are layered to give the design a 3D effect. Pearlescent tables and diamantes  make this design a very popular choice.

Wedding Table Names / Numbers

Wedding table names can be made free standing or to stand in a holder. Most venues supply the table name holders.

red gold wedding table names


Wedding table cards in red and white pearlescent card and gold diamante buckles.

wedding table names in red and white


Wedding table names with satin a ribbon, a fluffy feather and satin heart. This design is one of my all time favourites. All my ‘on the day stationery’ is made in pearlescent card to give it that little bit of luxury.

wedding table card with red rose


Wedding table names with satin ribbon, feather and red rose.

Wedding Breakfast Menu

wedding breakfast menu red heart


Wedding Breakfast menus can be made in a variety of styles.

There is a card style, a flat card or a tent style. This buckle design can be made to match any colour scheme.

wedding breakfast menu

‘Double Heart’

We make ‘on the day’ stationery to match from wedding seating plans, place cards, table names and menus. All designs can be made to match any colour scheme.

wedding breakfast menu with red rose


Wedding breakfast menu in pearlescent card, red rose and ivory feather with the name of the wedding venue on a swing tag.

Wedding Post Box, Wedding Guest Book and Wedding Camera box

wedding post box and guest book

Red Butterfly Design

Wedding post box

An ideal place for your guests to deposit their monetary gifts.

Wedding Disposable Camera Post Box.

Many couples now have disposable camera for their evening reception. The camera post box is an ideal place for your guests to deposit these at the end of your evening reception.

Wedding Guest Book

A wedding guest book is a lovely place for you guest to write their messages. It’s a wonderful keepsake to look back on in years to come.

At Carol Miller Designs we have a variety of designs and colour schemes for your wedding reception. Why not pop over to our web site and browse the gallery.

You can also join me on facebook  Carol Miller Designs

If there’s a colour scheme you would like me to feature please feel free to drop me mail

Have a good week

Julie x

Personalised Wedding Stationery – Purple Theme

Personalised Wedding Stationery with a purple colour scheme

This week I’d like to feature ‘purple’ wedding stationery. Purple has proved to be very popular this year. It seems it will continue in 2013.

Wedding Invitation – Lottie

wedding invitation in purple

This invitation can be made in a variety of colourways. The base card is available in a white, ivory or cream linen textured finish. It incorporates a satin ribbon with a diamante rhinestone square buckle. The lower part of the card is trimmed with a lace style paper.

Wedding Invitation Scroll – Grace


This wedding invitation scroll comes in many colourways. The band consists of a lace design paper, matching contrasting satin ribbon and a beautiful tiny diamante square buckle. The design is carried through to the box front. The insert is printed on a pearlescent paper and comes with a matching RSVP insert. A real statement invitation.

Wedding Invitation – Jessica

Purple Butterfly Wedding Invitation

This square style card invitation is very popular. It can be made in 50 colourways. Three butterflies with a swarovski crystal trail make this invitation simple but stylish. The invitation is finished with a matching organza sheer ribbon.

Wedding Invitation – Splendour

wedding invitation with purple hearts

This tri fold wedding invitation comes with it’s own reply card that slots inside a little pocket on the inside of the card. Hearts placed on a meandering wire, tied with matching satin ribbon makes this invitation a stunning introduction to your wedding day.

Wedding Seating Plan – Purple

wedding seating plan in purple

Wedding seating plan in purple with silver hearts and heart shaped diamantes

purple butterfly wedding table plan

Wedding seating plan in purple with butterflies and swarovski crystals

Wedding Table Cards and Place Cards

wedding table names in purple

Wedding table numbers in purple with silver satin hearts

purple butterfly wedding table names

Wedding table names with purple butterflies and crystals

wedding table cards with butterflies

Wedding Post Box & Guest Book in Purple

wedding post box

wedding guest book in purple

All designs shown can be made to match any colours scheme. There are more colour options on our website or join our facebook page Carol Miller Designs

Gold Organza Wedding Invitation with Heart Charm

This week I have been busy with my Princess design. The colour scheme is ivory and gold.

 I would like to showcase how items can be matched from invitations right through to ‘wedding day stationery’

I made the invitations. They were sent out in April.

I love this invitation because it’s stylish but simple. I do like invitations that are not too fussy. The invitation comes in either ivory, white or cream. It’s tied with an organza sheer ribbon and tiny heart shaped charm so it can be matched to any colour scheme. The base card can be smooth or textured.

Wedding Invitation – in Ivory & Gold Organza with Heart Charm.

Princess Wedding Invitation

Wedding Place Card – in Ivory & Gold with Heart Charm.

Wedding place cards these are so pretty!

Wedding Place Cards – ivory with gold organza ribbon and heart charm

Wedding Table Card – in Ivory & Gold with Heart Charm.

Wedding table card. These are made to stand in a holder. They can also be made free standing.

Wedding Table Card – gold organza with heart charm

Wedding Order of Service – Ivory & Gold with Heart Charm.

A simple design for a church service. I always feel order of service should never be over the top.

Order of Service Booklet – gold organza with heart charm

Wedding Thank You Card – Ivory & Gold with Heart Charm.

Thank you cards made to match wedding stationery. I made these  15 x 15 cm just to make them a little bit different in size. The wedding invitations can also be made in this size.

Wedding Guest Book – Cream & Gold with Heart Charm.

Wedding Guest Book – cream gold organza with heart charm

This colour scheme has been followed from the wedding invittions right through to the ‘on the day stationery’

I have really enjoyed making these items. My last 7 weddings have been purple (Don’t get me wrong. I love purple) but, it’s been a nice change to make something in a different colour.

I hope you like it.

Please join me on facebook where you will find regular updates on my gallery. I’d love any comments you have, or even any suggestions you would like me to feature.

Until next time. Enjoy the summer.

Julie x

It’s July already!

I’m having a very busy month.

I’ve been asked by Double Tree Hilton Hotel Chester to contribute to their blog on a regular basis. How cool is that?

I’ve had 3 products featured this month in Wedding Ideas Magazine.

It’s a very busy time for me for wedding seating plans and matching accessories. Have you ordered yours yet?

Wedding seating plans should always be provisionally booked at least 3 – 6 months before your wedding. Many of the good stationers get booked up months in advance. It’s advisable to enquire early to avoid disappointment. Many couples leave this until 4 weeks before a wedding, only to find it’s too late. I never start a table plan until 4 weeks before a wedding but, I do have wedding seating plans booked in months before.

I rarely take on a last minute table plans as I’m usually booked. Oh, and I hate saying no, sorry I can’t!

This month I’ve made a baby blue butterfly wedding seating plan with matching table cards.

Wedding Seating Plan – blue butterflies.

I love making wedding seating plans. They take almost a full day to print and assemble. If people think they are knocked up in 30 mins, believe me they are not!

The most important part for me is the detail. Butterflies are made so the wings stand up. There is a beautiful swarovski crystal trail. Trimmed with beautiful matching satin ribbon.

Butterfly table plans can be made in 50 colourways.

Baby Blue Butterfly Wedding Seating Plan

Wedding Table Name Cards – blue butterflies

Table names with an Italian theme. Regions in Italy. I lived there many years ago so I recognise the areas.

These were made with the Italian spellings, not English.

Toscana = Tuscany. Sardegna = Sardinia. Sicilia = Silcily etc

Wedding Table Names – blue butterflies

All made to made to match the wedding table plan in baby blue and pearl ivory.

Wedding Seating Plan – silver diamonte hearts and red satin ribbon.

This is one of my favourite designs. I just love sparkle.

This is so blingy. Guests names are printed on a white pearlescent card mounted on red.

Red does seem to be the new in colour for 2012 and 2013

Order of Service – silver diamonte hearts and red satin ribbon

Order of Service – silver diamonte hearts with red satin ribbon

Wedding Breakfast Menu – silver diamonte hearts and red satin ribbon

Wedding Table Name Cards.

Wedding Seating Plan – pink bows and crystals

I love pink!

Printed on a white pearlescent card, mounted on baby pink. Trimmed with baby pink tailored bows and crystals. Simple but stylish!

I loved making this one.

Pink is one of my favourite colours. Pink isn’t the most popular colour for weddings despite what people may think. This table plan can be made in any colour of your choice.

Wedding Table Names – pink bows and crystals

Wedding Seating Plan – turquoise and silver butterflies

The colour scheme for this wedding is turquoise and silver. Butterflies are layered so when the wings are lifted, there is a silver butterfly underneath. Turquoise is another favourite colour of mine.

Wedding Table Plan – turquoise and silver butterflies

Wedding Breakfast Menu – turquoise and silver butterflies

Wedding Breakfast Menu – butterfly


It’s mid July, I’m not finished yet.

I still have a cadbury’s purple butterfly table plan, table cards, place cards, menus, guest book and wedding post box.

Wine & fuchsia double heart table plan, table cards and place cards.

Black and white butterfly table plan.

Photographs to follow.

Butterflies still seem to be the most popular theme for weddings.

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Have a good week. Let’s hope the sun shines.

Julie xx

Pretty in Pink

This week I’ve made a table plan, table cards and place cards in a gorgeous baby pink and ivory. The accessories compliment the post box and guest book.

Jane & Rebecca contacted me back in February. They are having a civil ceremony in July. They are from my home town of Liverpool. I spoke to Jane on the telephone whilst Rebecca made a list of everything she wanted. I had to laugh, I heard Jane say, ‘Becs you can’t have everything that is on her site’

They are very excited about their day and I’m so glad I have been part of it. It’s lovely to hear the enthusiasm in their planning. I spoke to Jane on Sunday just before I started the table plan. She can talk for England, bit like me. Liverpudlians are always the same when they get together. We discussed the table plan, our animals, places in Liverpool. I feel like I know them.

Jane admitted she has turned into Bridezilla!

I know they are planning a blog after their day. A guide on services and customer service they received. I will share it with you at a later date. She told me about a funny incident with one supplier. They are to provide champagne flutes but could only find Mr & Mrs. Jane said, ‘Buy 2 sets then’. The suppleir said, ‘well we’ve not had a civil partnership before so don’t know what to do. I agreed buy 2 sets you will then be prepared for the next civil partnership. I did point out. I think people are afraid of offending people if they ask questions. Jane pointed out, it easier to just ask. I wonder how many suppliers out there are afraid of just asking, ‘how everything should be done’?

Butterfly Table Plan in pink & ivory

The wedding table plan was trimmed with baby pink satin ribbon top and bottom. I made pink tables printed on an ivory pearlescent card. I incorporated layered butterflies in pink and ivory keeping in with the colour scheme. I layered the butterflies, pink for top, ivory underneath. When you lift up the wings the ivory can be seen. I made them with pearlescent card to give them a shimmer. I finished of with gorgeous swarovski crystal trails.

Butterfly Table Names in pink & ivory

pink ivory butterfly table cards

Here we have matching table cards. The names were after place they had visited in America. The top table being universal after universal studios. I’m told these will sit in glass slippers. Wow!

Butterfly Place Cards in pink & ivory

pink ivory butterfly place cards

Finally the wedding place cards. Printed on an ivory pearlescent card, trimmed with layered butterflies and crystals.

I do hope they like everything! I will be making 2 personalised wedding reading scrolls in matching colours. They are going to present them to their readers after the event, as a little keepsake

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