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Personalised Wedding Stationery – Black Colour Scheme

Black is such a lovely colour scheme for a wedding. It’s crisp and clean. It looks stunning especially in photographs and venue dressing.

This week I have been making wedding invitation scrolls in black and white with a red rose.

Wedding Invitations in Black and White

wedding scroll invitation

wedding scroll invitation

This scroll wedding invitation ‘Ellie’ has an ice white pearlescent scroll box and matching pearlescent paper for the insert. The scroll band consists of satin ribbons, swarovski crystals, a mulberry rose and feather. The wedding invitation design can be made in 50 different colours ways. It’s a simple but striking design.

This design and colour scheme can also be made with a black scroll box

wedding invitation scroll

wedding invitation scroll

Wedding Invitation Scrolls can sometimes work out expensive if you need  a lot of invitations.

At Carol Miller Designs we can make a card style matching invitation which is less expensive but just as pretty.

wedding invitation black and white with red rose www.carolmillerdesigns.co.uk

This card style invitation is a less expensive choice for your evening reception.

The design can be made in 50 different colour schemes.


Wedding Invitation Splendour

A beautiful personalised  tri fold wedding invitation which comes with an RSVP reply card. The base card is available in white, ivory or cream. The invitation is personalised with your name and date of the wedding.

This wedding invitation comes with its own reply card that slots into a little pocket on the inside of the card. Pearlescent hearts placed on a meandering wire, tied with a matching ribbon makes this invitation a stunning introduction to your wedding day. This design can be made to match any colour scheme. Samples are available on request



Wedding Invitation ‘Daisy’

Stylish and modern. Daisy comes in a linen effect card which is available in white or ivory. Black and white ribbons mounted with diamante daisies make this a beautiful invitation for the modern wedding. This invitation can be made in any colour scheme. Join our facebook page where you will find many different colour schemes.

Wedding Post Box and Camera Box in black and white


Wedding post box with a matching camera box. A place for your guests to deposit disposable cameras.

Wedding Favours

place setting lottery ticket wallet

These wedding favour wallets contain a lottery ticket. They double up as a place setting ad can be made to match any colour scheme.


Wedding Seating Plan, Table Cards and Table Stationery in black.


Wedding seating plan in black and white with silver butterflies




Wedding Table Names with matching Place Cards

Black and white with silver satin hearts.

black megan table acc1

Wedding table name, menu and place cards in black and cream.

ivory black megan guest book

If you would like to enquire about any of our products please visit www.carolmillerdesign.co.uk

If you have any questions regarding colour schemes etc we’d be only too happy to help please feel free to email Julie  carolmillerdesign@btinternet.com

or alternatively call Julie on 01244 659593


Wedding Seating Plans

Wedding Seating Plans

Black Silver Wedding Seating Plan

I love making wedding seating plans, but they cause so much hassle for the bride. I think planning a wedding goes pretty smoothly, because most couples have an idea of what they want for their special day. The table plan throws everything out the window. Trying to seat realatives that don’t get on etc. I’ve listened to so many stories over the years. It’s seems to be the biggest headache for the couple.

I always recommend that it’s made 4 weeks before a wedding, not before.  It can change days before a wedding. I make a lot of seating plans and 99% of the time it will change.

When should I order a Wedding Seating Plan?

Book your seating plan early but don’t insist it’s made 3 months before  your day. Believe me, I’ve made so many, only to get a panic phone call that it’s all changed. It seems like a lot of stress from the guests that the couple could do without. I think it’s fine if there is someone on the table plan but they have backed out. Leave them on. If someone has been added last minute I will always change it. There’s nothing worse than going to a table plan to find you are not on it.

It’s a bit like a map. I think it’s why so many grooms like them. It tells you what table you are on, not the seat. Place cards tell you where you actually sit.

Why do I need a Wedding Seating Plan?

Table plans are must. It’s information for your guests. Imagine if you didn’t have a seating plan. It would be a bit like wandering round McDonalds  trying to find a seats! You will get odd seats etc.  You don’t want guests wandering around a room when you are trying to get on with speeches etc.