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Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to all my past and present couples.

Congratulations to all lucky the couples that got engaged over Christmas and New Year.

With Christmas behind us, let the planning begin.

How far are you with your wedding planning? There are lots of lovely wedding blogs out there to help you with planning your dream day. One I especially like is http://english-wedding.com/ great blog to follow. There is so much information to help with your wedding planning.

Venue booked, you have your date, so what’s next?

I get many wedding invitation sample orders in January. What is the top colour scheme for 2013? Purple is still very popular next year so is red, aqua and gold. Often the colour scheme will change. You have vision of your big day only to find something you wanted doesn’t exist in the shade you wanted or the bridesmaids don’t look good in the intended colour. Remember you won’t get everything to match exactly as it’s not possible but you can add a contrast colour so that everything ties in with what you want.

Wedding Invitation Scrolls

When do you order your wedding stationery?

Most brides order their wedding stationery 6 – 9  months before the wedding, but it’s a good idea to start looking around before this. You may want to see a sample of the invitation in your colours. Is it available in other colour schemes? Is there a minimum order? When will I receive them?

A lot of good wedding stationers get booked up really early in the year. You may make and enquiry then go back 3 months later to find they can’t fit you in.

When I get an enquiry there are questions I need to ask.

1. Which invitation are you interested in.

2. What is your colour scheme.

3. Approx how many invitations.

4. Is it the same invitation for the evening guests.

5. When do you want to receive them.  (important)

6. Will you be wanting stationery for your wedding day i.e Seating plan, place cards, table cards etc.

With this information I can usually answer everything in one email. Remember to think carefully about when you want to receive your invitations. Many times I book a slot for a bride. a few months later I get an email to ask for them earlier, by that time, I’ve usually given the slot to another bride so it can be really difficult in busy times to move the date. When you make an enquiry try to include as much information as possible.

If you would like to make an enquiry please visit my web site where you will find a gallery of wedding invitations and much more www.carolmillerdesigns.co.uk

Purple Butterfly Wedding Invitation

When should I send out wedding invitations?

I normally suggest 4-6  months before the wedding date especially if it’s a summer wedding. A lot of your guests will be planning their summer holidays.  Your venue will want numbers about 8 weeks before the wedding so it’s a good idea to send them out early enough giving your guests time to reply. I make a lot of wedding invitations that contain an RSVP but you would be surprised how many times I can’t start a seating plan even 4 weeks before a wedding because the couple are still awaiting replies.

Wedding Invitation Scroll

Wedding Invitation Scroll

What do I need to include in the wedding invitation?

Apart from the usual wedding details some couples like to add an RSVP insert for their guest to return. It doesn’t mean your guest will reply any sooner, but it is a good idea to add an RSVP date. This should prompt your guests to send back a reply. Some couples like to add a menu choice to their wedding invitation as a  lot of venues these days want to know what meals will be chosen well before your wedding date. I have been asked for maps but to be honest most people own a sat nav so there shouldn’t be any problems, unless of course it’s a new build. As long as the postcode is on the insert everything should be fine. Always remember if you are going to pack out your invitation with all the extra inserts take them to the post office to be weighed. A lot of invitations never arrive because of insufficient postage. The Post Office will leave your guest a card to collect with an extortionate fee to pay!

There are a number of different types of wedding invitations that can provide all this extra information

Wedding scroll invitations, pocketfold style wedding invitations and cheque book style wedding invitation. These type of invitations can be made to accommodate all the extra details.



crystal flower cheque book

I have seen a wedding invitation I like, but it’s not in my colour scheme

Make an enquiry.

Most of my wedding invitations can be matched to 50 colour schemes. Just because the colour isn’t shown it doesn’t mean it’s not available. I have invitations that I have made in many colours not all are on my web site as it will slow down my pages. I’m happy to send the photos by email or even put on to my web site should someone want to see the design in their chosen colour.


I have an idea what I want but can’t find it

Make an enquiry.

Many times I get emails. A couple have an idea what they want, but can’t find it. It’s easier if you make an initial enquiry. I often ask a bride to call me to discuss their ideas. If a new colour scheme is available it doesn’t always mean everything else is. If you speak to your stationer they will know if the idea you have, will also be available for your ‘on the day stationery’ i.e wedding seating plan, place cards etc. A couple of years ago I was able to find some purple butterflies which have proved very popular, unfortunately they are not available in coral. I wish it was that simple. your stationer will be able to discuss the options that are possible.

champagne ellie1

I haven’t yet decided on a colour scheme for my wedding

No problem. A lot of brides make enquiries but the colour scheme is not yet set in stone.

Most designs can be adapted to suit your final decision. I once had a wedding order. The bride ordered my ‘Ellie’ wedding scroll in ivory and champagne. We had spoken a number of times on the telephone. She had a different scheme for the day, but no one knew, not even the groom! I knew that on the day everything was Lavender. The invitations were sent out, but the seating plan, place cards, guest book etc had a lavender rose rather than an ivory one that was on the original invitation. You don’t have to stick to the colour you originally chose for your invitations.


I may decide to have a different colour scheme on the day

This isn’t a problem. When an initial booking is made the colour scheme is usually decided for the wedding invitations. Many couples want something different for the actual day. I had a couple last year. They had champagne ivory ‘Megan’ for the invitations. It was to be the same for the day. They were quite local and decided to collect one Sunday afternoon. They had gone on a shopping spree just before they came to me. By chance the groom ran back to the car to show me their teal centrepieces.They were gorgeous, I said, ‘why don’t you have ivory and teal then for the day? They both looked at me as though I’d said, ‘I’ll pay for the whole of your wedding’ ( I didn’t by the way) I got out my teal ribbons which were a good match. They were thrilled, so was I that I’d made them so happy. That was so easy they didn’t realise they only had to ask. Wedding stationers will make anything to accommodate your ideas. Believe me I get just as excited as you, planning your table stationery.

I hope this post answers some of the questions you may have. If there is anything you would like to know, feel free to drop me an email carolmillerdesign@btinternet.com

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Until next time Julie xx


Personalised Wedding Photograph Albums

Personalised Wedding Photograph Albums

At Carol Miller Designs we make personalised wedding photograph albums to match your colour scheme and theme. Albums come in a variety of colours, textures and sizes. They all come with a matching box.

Photograph albums have tissue interleaves so every photograph is protected. The photographs are mounted on the page with photo corners.

I have large albums mainly for the bride and groom. I have matching medium albums that  are very popular to give to parents as a way of saying ‘thank you for all your help. I can even make a matching guest book so everything ties in with your colour scheme.

I don’t know about you, but I like to view wedding photographs in an album rather than watch a DVD slideshow. There’s something about turning the pages it’s a bit like a visual story. The start of the day with the bride, right through to the end, where they all lived happily ever after.

A photograph album gives you the chance to display your very favourite photographs a place to carry round to show relatives and friends.

Personalised Photograph Albums for Parents

So, you have a personalised wedding photograph album. You then have to decide on your favourite photographs that will be mounted on the pages. The excitement of showing the finished album to family and friends. It’s something to be proud of.

Parents also want to borrow your album to show their friends, family, colleagues etc. What do you do?

You can have a matching album personalised as their own special keepsake of your special day. I personalise with text of your choice,  ‘My Daughter’s Wedding’,  ‘Our Son’s Wedding etc.  I can add a short message inside if it’s a thank you for all your help gift.

A special keepsake of your Son/Daughter’s special day.

A beautiful keepsake to treasure for many years to come.

If you would like to see more designs in our gallery please visit my webiste www.carolmillerdesigns.co.uk or why not ‘like’ us on facebook to get the very latest updates.

Wedding Guest Book

Megan - Wedding Guest Book

Wedding guest books are a lovely way to read the messages from your guests many years after your special day. It always lovely to read your cards, but a wedding guest book is something you can get out and read all the messages in one place.

Butterfly Wedding Guest Book

Do I need a wedding guest book?

Wedding guest books are very popular. It like having all your cards in one place. I make many guest books, but had never seen one filled with messages. A bride contacted me after her wedding. She also lived in Chester 2 mins away from me. I had made her guest book a few weeks before. She held her wedding in Formby which is approx 60 miles away. Of course her neighbours couldn’t attend. Anyway someone had knocked a piece off the guest book. She asked if I could make it as new. I collected the guest book. I asked, ‘would you mind if I read it’? she said yes, of course. I sat for over one hour reading all the lovely messages. There were funny cartoon drawings etc. You could tell near the end of the book the evening guests were a bit squiffy! It was such a lovely thing to read. I didn’t know the couple but by the time I’d finished I felt as though I did. She was telling me there were some pages empty. She was about to invite the neighbours to watch the wedding DVD. I suggested after they had watched, pass the guest book around for anyone to write a message. They were too far away to travel to the church on the day, but this was a chance to write a special thought to be read in years to come. She did and filled the book!

I make guest books for other occasions too!

I make guest books for special birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, renewal of vows. It’s a keepsake to remember a special time.

40th Birthday Guest Book

Guest books can be personalised with name and date of the occasion. These can be made in every colour your can imagine.

60th Birthday Guest Book

I can add a swing tag with the name of the venue. These books make a lovely gift for almost any special occasion. If you would like to view more designs please visit my web site www.carolmillerdesigns.co.uk  You can also join me on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Carol-Miller-Designs/303224494575?v=wall for the latest updates.

Why have a guest book?

I once made a guest book for 2 special friends of mine. They had a joint 50th birthday party. My firend was going to be 50 in 12 months time. Her hubby had just celebrated his birthday. They wanted a party for special friends, but hated the big 50,  no cards or presents were allowed as it wasn’t an actual birthday. They sent the invitations out, 100 not out! They held the party at home, 120 guest invited on a lovely summer evening. I decided to make a guest book for them. The heading was as the invites.  I trimmed in purple. They knew nothing about it. I took it around getting people to sign it. My daughter helped too. The guest book ended up behind the buffet, under the table it was a task trying to keep it hidden. They nearly spotted it a few times. We had a some  pages to fill so we got the little people to draw pictures and sign their names. At the end of the night we presented it to them. They were delighted. She told me afterwards. It was so busy looking after people, she hardly got time to have a proper chat with people. They were overwhelmed with the kind thoughts and messages. She loved the fact that the children ranging from 5 yrs to 15 yrs had also added their little messages and drawings.

Calla Lily Wedding Guest Book

Calla Lily Wedding Guest Book

Another thought. I get asked many times, ‘How can I make sure my guests sign the book’? I always suggest, put it on the table next to your Wedding Post Box. I also find there are teenagers in a wedding with no real role. Put them in charge of your guest book. It’s a great way to make them feel important and gives them a chance to meet your guests. Believe me it works!

Burgundy Ivory Gold Butterfly

Wedding Guest Book, Post Box & Camera Box